Measure Size Guide


There are shoes for everybody in our wonderful collection. We have prepared this easy guide which will help you choose the right one, perfectly suitable for your feet.

  • Most of our shoes have got a Paris point sizes. Insole length in centimeters is the main parameter though. It is mentioned for every size – after a dash.
  • Insole length should match the length of your foot.
  • Measure it while standing. Put your heel against the wall for the accurate result.

Measure you foot from the heel to the longest toe as shown on the image.


Sandals and flip-flops

Typical Coqui sandals and flip-flops allow a size difference (- 0,5 to + 1 Paris point). This does not prevent from comfort of wearing.
Heel strap keeps the foot firmly in the shoe. It is adjustable for some men’s models.

Children’s shoes

Children’s shoes and sandals are marked in double sizes (for ex. 26/27). This will help you finding the right size.
Children’s feet size is getting bigger and that’s why we chose the double sizes for their models. It is more practical and the shoes lasts longer.