Materials & Technology


CoquiAirTM is the most common material used in the manufacture of COQUI footwear and belongs to the highest A-grade category of EVA materials and is produced under high pressure. This results in CoquiAirTM having excellent mechanical strength, dimensional stability and almost no water absorption. The CoquiAirTM also saves person’s ligaments and joints due to extraordinary shock and vibration absorbing properties upon contact with the heel.

Certified ergonomics are proven to reduce muscle fatigue by 62.6% compared to walking barefoot. The antimicrobial properties are provided by the closed-cell material, which is highly resistant to odors and microbes. The CoquiAirTM is as light as a feather and very easy to clean with soapy water.


Another frequently used material is CoquiFlexTM, manufactured by the latest method available, during which the PVC is shaped to the form by blowing under high compresion. As a result, the CoquiFlexTM is much ligher and softer, when compared to common casting-like produced PVC. It is also very flexible and can be adapted precisely to your feet.

CoquiFlexTM meets all global test and certification standards. The material is without traces of heavy metals, safe and harmless to life. The footwear made of this material is anti-bacterial, durable and easy to clean. It is also non-marking and anti-slip. Due to its softness the soles are shock absorbing and take great care of ligaments and joints upon every step a person makes.