Women’s Clogs COQUI – JUMPER 6352

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  • a large selection of pastel colors
  • high resistance to bending
  • antibacterial material CoquiAir
  • dampening effect protecting the spine and joints
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Women’s clogs Coqui Jumper in pastel colors in a two-tone finish. Energy absorption, the permanent protection of joints and spine with exceptional impact damping properties. Resistant to repeated bending without any signs of damage. The outsole is very flexible, shock-absorbent, non-slipping and non-staining. Perfect for the time of rest, relaxation or work.

The heel strap with a solid plastic shoe-nail for a secure fit on the foot is soft and flexible. The perforations for moisture and dirt removal with a constantly flowing fresh air is used for ventilation. CoquiAir insole is antibacterial and highly breathable. The sophisticated ergonomic massaging texture is soft and comfortable, suitable for water.

The revolutionary antibacterial material CoquiAir significantly reduces the risk of bacteria transmission, contains no heavy metals and is harmless. The clogs are antibacterial and breathable with moisture removal. They dramatically reduce the possibility of any odor problems. Thanks to the properties, these are favorite shoes for all who have to stand or walk for a long time over a day.

Insole length:

  • 36 –23,5 cm
  • 37 – 24,5 cm
  • 38 – 25 cm
  • 39 – 25,5 cm
  • 40 – 26 cm
  • 41 – 27 cm

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4 reviews for Women’s Clogs COQUI – JUMPER 6352

  1. Xanat

    OMG these are my fav pair!! so comfy I though I would only use them at home, but I honestly want to take them outside too. The extra layer that they have is soooo soft! Very very comfortable 😉

  2. Xanat

    I just LOVE this colour!! and of course, these pair is also very very comfortable and soft, I use them mostly for going to the beach in a sunny day 😉

  3. Ataner

    My favourite style so so so great and comfortable soft material. Can’t even believe how great feeling they create. Wow love to wear these anywhere, holding well on feet and they really are non slippery. Very cool !

  4. Nancy Jones

    I have to say that I am thoroughly enjoying my clogs, I purchased this one’s for inside and I’m very impressed how they stay on my feet really well.

    I’m so glad I purchase more than one pair So that I have one pair for inside and one pair for the garden

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